For Many It’s a Choice: Heat or Eat?

When times are tough, it’s often just not possible to balance a budget and get all of the essential necessities. Every day people find themselves making the difficult choice between warmth, food, medication, and more. Your donation can eliminate the need to choose.

Some Things Shouldn’t Have to Be a Choice

HEAT Success Stories

Sherry Hill

Sherry endured many medical obstacles in her life. HEAT funds help her make it through a tough time.

Arthur Green

Arthur’s reduced income forced him to sell his car and seek help with his living expenses. HEAT helped him pay his energy bill in his time of need.

Janet Henry

Janet found herself struggling with utility bills during a difficult time in her family life. HEAT helped her get her life back on track.

Shonda Grogan

Shonda has been drug-free for nearly a decade and is working while attending college. HEAT provided her assistance during a difficult time.

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How We Help Your Neighbors

A warm home in cold weather is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Unfortunately, low-income Georgians across the state often must choose between buying groceries, paying for medication or keeping up with their heating bill. Many of those residents are senior citizens living on a fixed income, disabled individuals who are unable to work and families with small children. No one should have to keep their home warm by sacrificing another basic necessity. To help families and individuals in need, HEAT works with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to distribute energy assistance funds through community action agencies. Eligible residents can apply for help at the local community action agency that serves their county.

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